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I had the opportunity to give EMPOWERED Premium Nutrition shakes a try during the busy Christmas season.  The Vanilla Vacation Protein Meal Replacement was better than expected.  I blended the mix per the instructions but found that the powder never fully dissolved.  I could see the drink separating after just a few minutes.  As for flavor, the vanilla wasn’t too sweet, which I liked, and the texture was smooth and not grainy like some protein shakes tend to be. 

The second time I tried it, I added ice and used a blender for a creamier, more shake-like texture.  This ended up tasting more like a treat and found that I preferred this version to mixing it in plain water.  These shakes got me through the busy Christmas season, when I usually don’t have time to eat a healthy meal.  They were so convenient that I found myself grabbing a shake more often than not!  I am a personal trainer, running coach, marathoner, and mom, and juggling all can get quite hectic.  EMPOWERED Premium Nutrition shakes were quick, convenient, delicious, and nutritious enough to keep me going through hours of training sessions with clients without feeling hungry or depleted.  

In reading the nutrition facts, I found them to be low in calories (150) and contain a good ratio of carbs (16g) to protein (19g).  The ingredients weren’t bad either!  No artificial ingredients, flavors, colors or sweeteners, and they are aspartame-free.  I was pleased to see that EMPOWERED Premium Nutrition Protein Powder provides a blend of proteins (whey, brown rice, soy isolate and milk protein) and vitamins, minerals, naturally-derived antioxidants, energizing carbohydrates, and GanedenBC30® - a “designer” probiotic that supports optimal digestion, regularity and a strong immune system.

Being a marathoner, EMPOWERED helped keep my energy level high, and the added antioxidants were an added bonus.  The immune system is stressed during long endurance training, and I need my immune system strong so I don’t get sick and have to reduce my training.  I prefer to use this shake as a meal replacement when I am tight on time and need a quick, healthy meal with minimal effort.  It also works well with my heavy marathon training as a post-run recovery shake to replace the carbs I burned and repair the muscles with the protein, all while keeping my energy levels high and immune system strong.

Here are a few suggestions on incorporating EMPOWERED Premium Nutrition Powder into your daily routine according to their website:

  • Between Meals: Consume 1-2 servings of Empowered between meals to help speed up metabolism and increase protein synthesis (help repair and tone muscles).

  • Before Workouts: Consume 1-2 servings of Empowered 1-1/2 hours prior to working out to fuel muscles and prevent muscle breakdown.

  • After Workouts: Consume 1-2 servings of Empowered within 30 minutes following exercise for muscle recovery and growth.

  • Before Bedtime: Consume 1-2 servings of Empowered 1 hour prior to bedtime in order to supply muscle-building protein while you sleep.

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